A Young Cowboy’s Adventures

A Young Cowboy's AdventuresMeet our young cowboy friend as he works his summer ranch job, then follow his journey alone with his horse and pregnant burro across a couple hundred miles to get home before school starts. The journey is adventurous, and the folks he meets along the way are all good folks … well, almost.

A Young Cowboy’s Adventures is the first in a series of books following our friend on his journey into manhood, including Sally, the first girl he ever kissed. If truth be told, he hadn’t kissed a girl, he had been kissed by a girl.

Cowboy and humorist Stu Campbell deviates from his usual cowboy humor and has written a series of fiction books based on his true life experiences of growing up to be a cowboy. Stu is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Animal Husbandry, and has also been a ski instructor, truck driver, and rancher. This is his seventh book on cowboy life.

A Young Cowboy's Adventure back coverCover painting by Larry Jones, Bouse, ArizonaPhoto by Mark Gordon, Salt Lake City, Utah