The Life of a Cowboy

The Life of a CowboyThe morning was cold and wet. The horse was shivering as I put the nosebag on him. I hoped the grain would warm him up. I hobbled him and went to the barn to get the curry comb and brush. I needed to get the snow off him before I saddled him.

The cold wind made me catch my breath for a second when I left the barn. The barn offered some protection from the wind, although it was cold inside. I put my head down against the wind and went to the horse. I was glad I had a scotch cap on – it had earmuffs! It would have been difficult to keep my cowboy hat on in this wind.

The Life of a Cowboy - back coverMy job was to watch after a bunch of cows as they calved. It was late February and a few of the cows had already calved out. The cows were expected to really start calving around the first of March. I was riding the creek bottom, looking for cows that might have calved during the night. The willows were covered with snow and as I rode through them, the snow bushed against my chaps and coat. In a lot of places, I had to duck my head to get under the snow-laden branches. I was getting real wet, real fast.

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