Hard Luck Cowboy

Hard Luck Cowboy“If he’s found guilty, it won’t be jail, it’ll be prison,” said the sheriff. “He actually might be lucky. If he’d stolen those horses seventy-five years ago, he’d be hung, right on the spot, probably without a trial.”

As Fred was being transported to the prison, he carefully observed the scenery on the way. He was depressed as he thought he wouldn’t see the sagebrush, trees, mountains and desert for at least three years.

He didn’t make friends easily in prison. He pretty much stayed to himself. He was given a job in the laundry, washing other prisoners’ clothes. It was there that he met Brad. Not trusting anyone on the premises, he was slow to make friends. He found out that Brad had murdered someone and, along with some other crimes that included stealing cars and robbery, he was doing life without parole.

Lou came to the prison every couple of months or so just to see how his friend was doing. On one of his visits, Lou said “It’s really good you didn’t implicate me in our little scheme. I appreciate that.”

“Yeah,” said Fred.

Lou’s visit did relieve the boredom for a time, but Fred was still restless. It was after one of Lou’s visits that Fred go the idea for a rodeo.

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