Patience & Persistence

Patience & PersistenceThe cold was a gruella, a mouse-colored dun. He had a black stripe down his back, like most buckskins. He had white socks on each leg and the socks on his hind feet went almost up to his flanks. The socks on his front feet went to his knees. He had a wide blaze on the front of his face that went from between his ears down to his nose. His name and tail were black. He also had some black stripes around his front legs above the socks. He made an impressive sight, are rare-colored horse with a lot of white on him.

Patience & Persistence - back coverWhen my dad let me pick out a colt the year before and I picked this one, Dad said, “Don’t be fooled by the color. Good horses come in all colors.”

“That’s the one I want,” I said. I was eleven years old when I picked out the gruella colt and still had a whole lot to learn about people and livestock and life in general.

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