The Drifter

The Drifter“Glad to know you,” said Dennis. “Like I said, I can use you, but I can’t pay until after the calves are sold. The wife an’ me used to do everything ourselves, then she started feelin’ poorly an’ I had to hire some temporary help, just to get through the busy times. I’ve been doin’ everything, from irrigatin’ to brandin’ to cookin’. It’s been a little rough. Sometimes I’ve got some good help, other times it’s been poor help, like them two drifters that just left. They weren’t no good.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m good till after the fall gather. I’m sort of a drifter myself.”

The Drifter - back cover“Why don’t you settle down, light in one spot?” asked Dennis.

“I kinda like seein’ some new country, meetin’ some new folks an’ seein’ how other ranches do things. I ain’t ready.”

“I know the feelin’,” said Dennis.

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