Wild Horses for Wild Kids

Wild Horses for Wild KidsMeet Jimmy McIntyre, a young black kid that went from being a juvenile delinquent to starting a ranch for juvenile delinquents. You may remember Jimmy from the Continuing Adventures of a Young Cowboy series. He was the original troubled teenager that started working on the Wilson Ranch who, with the help of Bud Wilson and Honey, got himself turned around and graduated from high school and ended up with a degree in animal science and criminology from college.

Wild Horses for Wild Kids centers on creating the Juvenile Ranch Rehabilitation Project, the idea behind which is putting juvenile delinquents on a ranch instead of reform school, where they can learn social skills by working with animals, especially horses.

The project gets its start with a donated rundown ranch that has a house in need of repair and a barn that is falling down. Jimmy and Mr. Mason, his former probation officer, have to figure out how and where to get enough money and donations to get the project off the ground. There’s a bunkhouse and barn that need to be built, costly repairs to be made on the house, corrals and fences to be mended, let alone the cost of the horses and cows.

Wild Horses for Wild KidsCowboy and humorist Stu Campbell bases his books on his true-life experiences of growing up to be a cowboy. Stu is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Animal Husbandry, and has also been a ski instructor, truck driver, and rancher. This is his sixteenth book on cowboy life.

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