Muddy Waters

Muddy WatersMuddy Waters, whose real name is Dusty, is an old one legged cowboy who is perfectly happy living alone on his small ranch. He likes tending his cows and his garden and being self-sufficient. But he is kind of hiding –from the likes of a woman named Virginia.She’s wanting to make amends for something happened years previously, while Muddy still holds a grudge.

Virginia may have broken his heart, but he’s not about to put up with a woman that does too much thinking and not enough listening. He’s quite comfortable being alone.Besides, he’s too old to change. He’s happy on his ranch and with who and what he is. But the he gets a letter from an old friend telling him to “LOOK OUT!” Whatever could that mean?

Muddy Waters - back coverCowboy and humorist Stu Campbell bases his books on his true-life experiences of growing up to be a cowboy, but he’s not admitting to any of this book being autobiographical. Stu is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Animal Husbandry, and has also been a skin instructor, truck driver, and rancher. This is his seventeenth book on cowboy life.

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